Update contact information for domains with privacy

When you add Private Registration to your domains, your personal contact information is hidden from the public, and generic contact information replaces your personal contact information in the WHOIS database.

In your account, you can update your personal contact information and the underlying contact information for your domains. You can have the same contact information for every domain name, or you can update the contact information for each domain name individually. When you do update contact information in your account, it remains hidden from the public.

You can also update your email forwarding preferences to determine how information is sent to you.

  • Log in to your My Products page.
  • If you aren't automatically directed there, make sure to select the My Products tab.
  • Next to the domain you want to use, click Manage.
  • On the Domain Settings page, under Contact Information, click View personal information.
  • Click Edit to make changes.
  • Select Use for all contact types to edit all contact information collectively, or clear this check box to edit individual contacts.
  • Click Save when you're finished updating.
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