Tips for boosting your newsletter engagement

Engagement is also known as "clicks" -- this is the actual interaction that your readers have with your email newsletters. And can make a big difference in how many are converting to site traffic and sales. Here are some quick suggestions for increasing engagement:

Target Your Biggest Fans

Email Marketing support is able to create a "Views" list for you. It's a list of everyone who has viewed your emails, with images, since you began sending. These are your most engaged subscribers because it's the folks who have been active, in your actual emails. If you want to slice it more recently, we can create a Views list for you that spans just the past couple months, as well.

Although it may not be your biggest list, it is your strongest list. These folks are most likely to engage with what you send. You'll see a pretty significant increase in your Views and Engagement rates if you send to just this list. And a higher rate of engagement means healthier sending, and more guaranteed delivery rates.

Write Good Subject Lines

Subject lines draw your readers in! Spend an extra 3 minutes brainstorming a creative subject line or tweaking the one you always use before your next send. Many studies have been done about subject line effectiveness, and thoughtful subject lines always result in greater read rates.

Keep Content Fresh

Keep your content interesting by trying something new: offer a coupon, have a sale, reference current or local events, mention national holidays, or send out a survey (with our SurveyMonkey Addon). All of these are small changes that might freshen up your content and wake up your subscribers.

Use Links Effectively

Adding links to your newsletter makes it easy for your readers to get to your website. You can use the link icon at the bottom of your text or image module to create a link. (It looks like a chain link. Get it?) If you're already using links in your newsletters regularly, but they just say, Click here, try formatting your links like these examples:

  • You can buy tickets [at my website](
  • [Buy tickets!]( now!

Descriptive anchor text encourages clicks, and is a good SEO strategy, in general.

Don't forget to make your images clickable, too. It's something readers expect.

You can also use the button module to create really enticing calls to action, for your links.

Leverage your lovers

One goal of email marketing is to continually expand your reach to new readers. They can become customers or word-of-mouth marketers for your business - new eyes are a huge asset.

Why not ask people who already love what you're sending to pass along your newsletter? Encourage people to share or forward to a friend by using all the available tools. Email Marketing offers a whole suite of social share tools that you can add to every email newsletter you send.

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